JP’s Story

As a Chef, I am committed to serving a healthy balance of fresh, high quality ingredients while supporting my local agricultural community. I believe in utilizing the local bounty, enhance the flavor of dishes, the presentation and the eating experience to a whole new level. Growing up in the area and working on a variety of the local farms has given me insight to how diverse the local area is.  Being surrounded by Ontario’s best farmers has been an inspiration to my career and cooking style. Having the ability to purchase my ingredients directly from the farmer while traveling to work and serve them fresh to customers is something that I am proud to do. I look forward to serving each one of my guests with menu creations and palette pleasers worth coming back for. Your experience matters to me and I look forward to seeing you at an event, around the farm, or at a farmer’s market.

Chef Perry’s Story

As a child I first learned how to cook chili in elementary school, but it wasn’t until I joined a fraternity in Windsor that I really started to cook. I was always cooking dinner for my fraternity brothers and quickly gained the nickname of chef. After working in a kitchen for a few years while going to school I decided that psychology wasn’t for me. I catered my sister’s wedding and convinced my family that cooking was the correct path for me. So I dropped out of university and enrolled in Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts in Vancouver. I graduated top of my class, winning every award that was handed out.

I was invite to Vancouver to the William Tell as Sous chef and work hand and hand with the head chef. We ran two restaurants out of one location, during the 2010 winter Olympics serving over five hundred people daily. After working in Vancouver for a couple years I was invited back to Windsor to learn sushi, with the hopes of taking over and becoming head sushi chef. Within two weeks I was in charge of the sushi bar. I spent six months travelling trying to develop my culinary knowledge and techniques in India and Europe. Afterwards I was back to sushi, this time as the head chef.

Tired of the city life I thought it was time to return to my rural roots, and get in contact with my childhood friend JP Mooney who was running a BBQ business out of his food truck. We then took over the food and beverage operations at the Otter Creek golf course and since then have won multiple awards for our food across south western Ontario.

Culinary styles I’ve been trained in:

  • French
  • Swiss
  • Spanish Tapas
  • Chinese
  • Sushi
  • Indian
  • BBQ
  • Pub Food
  • Canadian